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Who We Are

We are What’s Our Verdict.  We are four friends who love to watch movies and television.  After a few discussions we figured out that we all had our own unique take on entertainment which made for some very interesting conversations and heated discussions.  So we decided to take our show on the road.  Now our goals are to help our listeners decide whether a movie or TV show is worth watching, provide different perspectives on the movies they may have already seen and to provide some good old fashioned entertainment.  We love what we do and we hope that you will join us!

Ian Anderson

Ian brings the quiet voice to the podcast, literally, we have to turn his volume up all the time.  He enjoys finding deeper meaning in movies and is easy going when it comes to what to watch.  He is along for the ride and for the rest of the bio he just wrote…some shit…

Javier Ortiz

Javier currently holds two What’s Our Verdict records. First, he has the loudest intro when he greets all of his NERDS! Second, he has the most outtake screw ups that have to be edited.  When he’s not being edited out he is waiting for a movie to be half as good as Jurassic Park.

JJ Crowder

JJ, The Man, The Myth, The Legend…ok that’s actually only true for the amount of movies and TV shows he has seen.  Well, also for calling his co-hosts by the wrong names during introductions.  Seriously though, he has seen A LOT of movies and TV.

Mattson Heiner

The Real Ginge everyone!  Mattson loves to binge watch the latest TV shows, movies and deep dive into plot points.  Besides trying to be a movie critic he enjoys all things sports and a warm pan of brownies.

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