Casino Royale (2006) vs. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011)

It’s Casino Royale vs. Ghost Protocol, Bond vs. Hunt, MI6 vs IMF in this edition of our arbitration series. Casino Royale deviates slightly from the Bond mold by rebooting the Bond story in Daniel Craig’s debut as the British agent. James Bond earns his double-oh status before setting off after a gun-for-hire bomb maker unraveling a terrorist network. In Ghost Protocol, Ethan Hunt and team are the only remaining IMF agents as the entire force is disavowed. Hunt is tasked to stop an extremist hellbent on detonating a nuclear weapon.

Javier is the odd man out…again as he challenges playing poker as a master plan. JJ defends poker as a master plan and leans into his love of most James Bond films. Mattson sings both theme songs and tries to keep us on track. Ian talks the tech and points out a big gas truck issue.

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