Chaos Walking (2021)

Todd Hewitt lives on New World, having come from earth to colonize. But New World has a strange effect on the men, their thoughts are voiced out loud. They call it the noise. After a war with the native species (the Spakle) all the women were killed, leaving a settlement of only men who must learn to live with their noise. But when Todd Hewitt finds a girl among the wreckage of a spaceship everything changes.

Ian admits that he swears a lot more in his mind than we can imagine. Javier questions everyone’s motives. JJ is pleasantly surprised and disappointed at the same time. Mattson questions what thoughts were left out.

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2 comments on “Chaos Walking (2021)

  1. Alec Burgess says:

    I really liked this movie as well, I didn’t have a big problem with the overall plan of bad Dave. I definitely plan on reading the books, because I want to see if I’m right, but at one point he mentions that the new colonists were mostly going to be in a type of hyper sleep. If he is the first guy they see when they wake up, he is going to set the narrative. He’s going to tell tell his story and shape it the way he wants. I don’t think he inherently knew how powerful his noise could be because he hadn’t bothered taking over any other settlements because he wasn’t sure he could. Otherwise he’d have conquered the other settlements much earlier, only needing to find Viola drove him to conquer far branch and really test his noise.

    I think my favorite part overall though was when Ben projects Viola using his own noise and tricks bad Dave. That was so cool because it comes after Ben kind of thumbs his nose at bad Dave and using his noise shows that he is uncontrollable before showcasing he is in the same league as bad Dave and has such a great “suck it” vibe that was really cool.

    As always keep up the good work boys! Can’t wake for next week!

    1. JJ Crowder says:

      That is a great point Alec. I forgot about the mention of the hyper sleep and using that to his advantage. That and the whole reason he was chasing Viola was to keep her from warning the ship. Yeah, Ben tricking Bad Dave was pretty epic as well. The fact that he went all that way with them and was able to keep his thoughts in check, knowing he was going to betray him in the end shows the level of skill he had as well. That and his love of Todd. Pretty interesting movie and I am excited to read the books. Always look forward to your posts Alec!!!

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