Cry Macho (2021)

Mike a washed-up rodeo star agrees to travel down to Mexico city to find a friend’s son. Honestly, that one line is a better story than watching this movie. You’re welcome.

We can confidently say that Cry Macho is the second worst movie we have reviewed on our podcast. The story is incredibly slow with no overall payoff for your investment of time, even for a movie with a runtime on the shorter side. Character development is absent, dialogue is rough, and as much as we love Clint Eastwood, the random sexual interest towards him in the movie just comes off weird and creepy. If you are a big Clint Eastwood fan, its better you spare yourself from this one as it will only bring your opinion down.

Mattson asks Javier a silly question. JJ almost has no words, but can’t stop talking. Ian can’t help but compare. Javier gets Mattson back for that question.

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1 comment on “Cry Macho (2021)

  1. Alec Burgess says:

    I would never send an email requesting that you all watch the worst two movies ever, just to make Javier watch Candyman. But if a listener with the email address just happens to request such a thing I know him. Great guy, not as cool as me but whatever. As always loved the episode! I have high hopes for Venom so hopefully it lives up to my expectations!! Keep up the great work you guys

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