Die Hard (1988)

John McClane, a New York cop, is on his way to LA to visit his wife for the Christmas holiday hoping to repair their strained relationship. After meeting his wife at the company Christmas party, terrorists storm the building and start taking hostages. McClaine slips away and begins his heroic “cowboy” role of slowly offing each of the terrorists while talking to his unseen partner with the local LAPD.

Javier questions the explosions. Mattson waivers on Die Hard being a Christmas movie. Ian explains how this movie set the standard. JJ talks one liners.

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2 comments on “Die Hard (1988)

  1. Ian Randfield says:

    Just wanted to make a comment on this film in regards to the ‘is this a Christmas movie’ debate. There is a difference between movies you watch at Christmas and Christmas movies. I think the main criteria of a Christmas movie is can it be watched by the entire family. And I think you all agree this one cannot. Great movie though. Really puts Bruce Willis on the map as a real action hero. Considering at the time you would be competing with Stallone and Schwarzenegger.

    1. JJ Crowder says:

      Ian this is a ridiculously good point about Christmas movie criteria. We really appreciate your comment and yet I don’t appreciate you making me question my stance on Die Hard being a Christmas movie lol. As always thank you so much for listening and joining the conversation!!

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