Freaky (2020)

The Blissfield Butcher is wreaking havoc in Millie’s town. After brutally killing four teens, the butcher is hungry for more. Finding Millie alone at night, she was sure to be his next victim until an ancient sacrificial knife causes the two to switch bodies. The serial killer uses the chance to continue spilling blood while Millie tracks down her friends and learns she only has 24 hours before the change will be permanent.

JJ leans into the gore and horror. Javier tells us when he realized when he got hustled. Ian isn’t feeling the brutality and has questions about a certain kissing scene.

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1 comment on “Freaky (2020)

  1. Alec Burgess says:

    Man I love listening to you guys chat. Definitely skipping out on the movie since I am NOT a fan of horror but still enjoyed the episode. I think you guys should have a series with two movies that sound similar in to titles like the intern and internship, make Javier watch one and then everyone else watch the other. Then the entire episode is just Javier trying to figure out why he is missing all the plot points. That would be comedy gold I believe

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