Free Guy (2021)

Guy is an NPC in a violent video game who lives in his unexciting loop of actions. But, when he sees the girl of his dreams he breaks out of his repetitive loop and begins to uncover the truth of his reality while winning the hearts of gamers across the world.

JJ gushes over so many things. Javier may just be confused about the use of binary in programming. Ian finds himself in average territory. Mattson relates to the common folk.

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1 comment on “Free Guy (2021)

  1. Alec Burgess says:

    Woohoo! Loved the movie, if I may interject myself into the trailer debate. I think movie trailers have ruined movies like money ball ruined baseball. You have analytics taking over and numbers saying “we can increase profits if we ruin the experience for everyone by revealing half the movie before it’s released” a movie only needs one trailer, not seven. I also think a golden opportunity was missed. Instead of an AI video game, an AI podcast where Javier is replaced with AI and we compare the AI with Javier to see who says more dumb shit. Hahaa can’t wait for the next one!

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