Home Alone (1990) vs Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992)

In the Home Alone movies a young boy, Kevin, is separated from his family while they head off on a destination Christmas. What does this mean for Kevin? Being rid of his bully brother and parents that always seem to take any side but his. Finding himself alone during the Christmas holiday Kevin splurges and lives it up, until he realizes the empty hole left by the togetherness and love of a family. Meanwhile, two crooks have decided to burglarize Kevin’s street, and even worse, they know he is alone! Kevin boobytraps his house and prepares to defend it from the two bumbling villains, Marv and Harry.

JJ brings up the deadly nature of Kevin’s traps. Javier labels Kevin a sniper with bricks. Mattson discusses how watching with kids makes these movies better. Ian points out the hypocrisy of the McCallister family.

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3 comments on “Home Alone (1990) vs Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992)

  1. Alec Burgess says:

    I really love these movies, I think Home Alone: The Teenage years would’ve been funny with Kevin constantly bringing up being left at home by the family in order to blackmail his parents because you know he did right, like “remember when you guys never took me on family vacations? Because you forgot me? Can I have 20 bucks and borrow the car on Friday?” That would have cracked me up, but yeah I agree with the first one being better but that’s mainly because the first one always is, sequels are tricky to navigate without making a carbon copy which is definitely a trap the second one fell in to. Thoroughly enjoying the content and the holiday themes keep it up!!

    1. JJ Crowder says:

      Oh man that would have been an epic movie. I also was thinking as I watched these movies that it would be interesting to have like a very dark character driven movie about adult Kevin with kids and him managing his emotional scars from being left and always railed on and how that translates to him parenting. Probably wouldn’t be a popular movie but could be thought provoking lol.

  2. Alec Burgess says:

    I would definitely see that movie! It would be awesome to see him trying to avoid his parents mistakes but ultimately falling into the same trap, like having 5 copies of his kids boarding passes in different spots only to lose all of them and still forget his kids haha

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