Moon Knight Episode 2: Summon the Suit

Steven Grant is fired for the damage done to the restroom. He uses the keycard to access astorage locker, where he finds the scarab. He speaks with his “reflection”, another identity in Grant’s body that introduces himself as American mercenary Marc Spector, the current avatar of the Egyptian moon godKhonshu. Grant is confronted by Layla, Spector’s wife who is unaware of Grant’s existence, before being arrested by police officers who work for Harrow. The latter reveals that he was Khonshu’s previous avatar until he chose to follow Ammit because she prevents harm rather than seek Khonshu’s justice for past deeds. Harrow wants to use the scarab to find Ammit’s tomb and resurrect her so she can purge humanity of evil. Layla rescues Grant, but Harrow summons another jackal creature. Grant manages to summon a suit of his own to fight the jackal, but is overpowered and allows Spector to take control. Spector kills the jackal but loses the scarab to Harrow. Khonshu threatens to claim Layla as his next avatar should Spector fail to stop Harrow, before sending Spector to Egypt.

Mattson sees improvement in the CGI as the story progresses and improves. JJ is intrigued by DID and how it is being portrayed. Alec brings up all of the moral questions.

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