Moon Knight Episode 4: The Tomb

Grant and Layla find a deserted campsite at the location of Ammit’s tomb, which is a maze in the shape of theEye of Horus. They discover that some of Harrow’s men have been killed by undead Egyptian priests, who then attack Grant and Layla. Layla defeats the priests but encounters Harrow, who claims that Spector was one of the mercenaries who murdered her archaeologist father, Abdallah El-Faouly. Grant finds the tomb and discovers that Ammit’s last avatar wasAlexander the Great; he retrieves Ammit’s ushabti from inside Alexander’s body. Layla angrily confronts Spector, who reveals that his partner killed Layla’s father and Spector himself before Khonshu revived Spector as his avatar. Harrow arrives and shoots Spector, who wakes up in a psychiatric hospital populated by people from his life. After escaping from Harrow, who appears as a therapist at the hospital, Spector finds Grant in a separate body trapped in a sarcophagus. They also see a second sarcophagus with someone else trapped inside before being greeted by a female hippopotamus-headed figure.

Guest Dalton brings his unique catch phrase and tik-tok videos. JJ tries to explain where things are going. Mattson is excited for what is to come. Alec did his home work on Rama-Tut or Rambo-Tut as he likes to call him.

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