Ms. Marvel Season 1 Episode 2

Kamala begins training to control her powers with Carrelli, with the latter deducing the bangle activated Kamala’s superpowers. Kamala, Carrelli, and Nakia Bahadir attend a party organized by Zimmer, where they meet new senior Kamran. Kamala befriends Kamran, but Carrelli becomes frustrated when she chooses to spend time with Kamran instead of training. After seeing a vision of a mysterious woman, Kamala asks her grandmother Sana and Muneeba about Kamala’s great-grandmother Aisha, the original owner of the bangle, but both dismiss her. Yusuf says young Sana lost her way during thepartition of India, but was able to find her father almost mysteriously. After questioning Zimmer about her savior at AvengerCon, Cleary and Deever order a sweep of thetri-state area, targeting South Asian communities. At an Eid celebration, a young boy slips from a balcony and almost falls before Kamala saves him with her powers. Kamala is chased by DODC agents led by Deever, but is saved by Kamran, who introduces her to his mother.

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