Ms. Marvel Season 1 Episode 3

Najma explains that she and Kamran are part of a group of enhanced beings known asClandestinesorDjinnwho were exiled from theNoordimension, and that Aisha was one of them. She also reveals that the bangle might be able to help them return, and asks for Kamala’s help. Kamala agrees, but Bruno warns her that interdimensional travel could be dangerous, so she asks Kamran for more time to ensure that they can do it safely. Kamran assents, but Najma refuses to wait and decides to force Kamala to help them. Kamala’s brother Aamir marries his fiancée Tyesha, but Kamran crashes the wedding to warn Kamala before the other Clandestines arrive. Kamala, Bruno, and Kamran are overpowered by the Clandestines while Najma tries to use the bangle, which triggers a vision of a train. The DODC agents arrive and capture the Clandestines, including Kamran. As Kamala and Bruno escape, Nakia sees Kamala using her powers. Sana contacts Kamala, revealing that she also saw the vision of the train and insisting that Kamala and Muneeba must visit her inKarachi.

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