Ms. Marvel Season 1 Episode 4

Kamala and Muneeba travel to Karachi and reunite with Sana, who later reveals to Kamala that the bangle is trying to convey a message through the vision of the train. The next day, a masked Kamala goes to the train station to investigate, but is attacked by Kareem, a member of the Red Daggers vigilante group, who initially mistakes her for one of the Clandestines. Kareem takes Kamala to the Red Daggers’ hideout, where Kamala learns from their leader Waleed that the Clandestines are trying to break the Veil of Noor, which separates theDjinns‘dimension from the human world, in order to expand and take over. The Clandestines escape the DODC’s supermax prison, but Najma abandons Kamran for helping Kamala. Kamala begins training with the Red Daggers to master her powers, but they are interrupted by the Clandestines. A chase ensues, during which Waleed kills one of the Clandestines but is fatally stabbed by Najma. As Kamala and Kareem fend off the Clandestines, Kareem kills one of them and Najma accidentally stabs the bangle, sending Kamala into a vision of the partition.

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