Ms. Marvel Season 1 Episode 5

InIndia, 1942, Aisha takes refuge in a village, where Hasan, an Indian independence activist, offers her food and shelter. They fall in love and have a child, Sana. Five years later, Najma finds Aisha and orders her to retrieve the bangle. Aisha leaves it with Sana and attempts to flee to the new nation ofPakistanwith her family, but Najma finds and stabs her. Hasan and Sana are separated in the chaos. Kamala is able to interact with Aisha, who asks her to guide Sana before dying. Conjuring a projection of stars to lead Sana to her father, Kamala realizes she was destined to reunite them. Returning to the present, she finds that Najma’s strike had opened the Veil of Noor, but it vaporizes anyone who interacts with it. Najma transfers her power to Kamran before sacrificing herself to close the Veil. Sana and Muneeba find Kamala and the latter accepts her daughter’s powers. Meanwhile, Kamran seeks refuge with Bruno. After being attacked by a DODC drone, Kamran destroys it, but the ensuing explosion obliterates the store below them.

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