Ms. Marvel Season 1 Episode 6

While Bruno and Kamran are on the run, Deever orders a city-wide lockdown to find the latter. Kamala crafts a disguise using a gift from her mother and Kareem’s cloth before reuniting with the boys. With help from Nakia, Aamir, and Zimmer, the group stall the DODC agents. Cleary orders a retreat, but Deever ignores him, leads a detachment of agents in storming the school where Kamala and her friends are hiding, and arrests everyone except for Kamala and Kamran, who confronts Deever. She attacks him, but Kamala fights off the agents, allowing all of her friends to escape. Deever flees and is later relieved of her duty by Cleary. Kamala becomes a beloved figure in her community and takes the superhero name “Ms. Marvel” from her father, while Kamran flees to Pakistan and meets Kareem, as arranged by Kamala. Bruno later tells Kamala that she possesses a genetic mutation, which the rest of her family lacks. In a mid-credits scene, Kamala switches places with Carol Danvers after the bangle emits a strange glow.

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