Mulan (2020)

Due to the advancing threat of Bori Khan and his horde, an Imperial Decree is sent throughout China that each family provide one son to fight for the Emperor. Mulan goes against the cultural norm and takes her father’s place in the conscription. Mulan must blend into a different word as she trains alongs the Fifth Battalion preparing for war against a powerful witch and Bori Khan’s nomads.

Javier misses Mushu. Mattson discusses the emotional depth. JJ shows his age. Ian warns about expectations.

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5 comments on “Mulan (2020)

  1. Alec Burgess says:

    A great episode yet again! I was really excited for this movie and I liked it but I felt like there were two “unforgivable” sins in here. The first was they spent all this time talking about warrior chi and how Mulan is pretty much destined to be a warrior and every single time she is fighting she LOSES HER WEAPON! That was really annoying. Now I’ve never been to ancient imperial Chinese army boot camp but I have to imagine that like day one they get told this is your sword, if you lose your sword you die, if you die without your sword you don’t bring honor to your emperor and your village is shunned. What good is warrior chi if every time you are fighting you lose your weapon. How can you kick spears and arrows but not be able to hold on to your sword?

    The second “sin” was that this movie was too short. It needed about another hour to really flesh out the other characters. I wish we got more of the witch and also of the commander and if I had made this movie the final duel would’ve been the witch vs Mulan and Mulan’s commander fighting Bori Khan. Mulan kills the witch and Bori Khan kills the commander and THEN you have the two survivors. Reason being is that Mulan is overthrowing literal centuries of tradition by fighting in the army. Things are going to be different for women who possess warrior chi now. The witch has done so much evil that she needs to die but the commander I felt like also needed to die just because he’s an old soldier, set in his ways and probably wouldn’t be able to adjust to this new idea. Have him go out in a blaze of glory defending the emperor but Mulan is still the one who saves the emperor, you have someone on the “good guy team” dying that is unexpected but still leaves the core group alive and plus we could’ve maybe gotten some really good Donnie Yen action if he had a one on one fight.

    Really enjoy listening to you guys! Keep up the great content

    1. JJ Crowder says:

      Alec I really like your thought of the two fights leading to the climactic fight. I think that would have really added to the film, though I can’t say that it would have completely saved it for me but it certainly couldn’t have hurt it lol.

      1. Alec Burgess says:

        Yeah it was a bit of a let down overall. Good background noise but definitely one of my least favorite of the Disney live action remakes

  2. Ian Randfield says:

    Hey guys another great podcast I enjoyed listening too….just wanted to post a couple thoughts on the review. There is a major theme that is missed in your discussion, which is one of acceptance. Another to a lesser extent is sticking to your beliefs or in the context of the movie virtues. Xian Lang is perceived as evil because she does Bori Khan’s bidding, her real fault is betraying her beliefs to find acceptance. It is with the evil Khan that she find this acceptance. Mulan on the other hand knowing she may be shunned continues to live by her beliefs which ultimately gets her the recognition she deserves. One more thought….I’m not sure I agree with the sentiment that Mulan went to fight to save her father. I feel like she went to prove something, as mush to her father as to herself…..

    1. JJ Crowder says:

      Ian thank you for your comment. You make some great points! That is a great observation about acceptance and beliefs. Definitely something that eluded us on this one. It does add a lot of value to the story when you add those elements in.

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