News of the World (2020)

Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd is a former member of the Confederate Infantry who now makes a living traveling town to town reading newspapers for the populace for ten cents per person. Following one such evening of news reading, Kidd sets out for his next location when he encounters an overturned wagon on the road. Dismounting to investigate further, a young girl named Johanna who is dressed in Native American clothing. After an unsuccessful attempt to turn the child over to the Bureau of Native American Affairs or the Union Army, Captain Kidd finally takes on the task of returning Johanna to the only family she has left.

Javier questions the validity of Texas sand storms. Mattson’s expectations may have gotten in the way of this movie. JJ tries to break down the nuances of Texas.

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1 comment on “News of the World (2020)

  1. Alec Burgess says:

    I think you guys are hounding too much in the “count your bullets” I mean Tom Hanks is clearly a lvl 35 rogue and an extra bullet in your six shooter is just one of the available perks. So there. Second, I really want to see a movie like this but the Nate as of focusing on an ex-confederate soldier have your protagonist be a union soldier. It seems like a western stigma for your “anti-hero protagonist” to be a confederate soldier who lost his family. I would love to see a change of scenery and have a union soldier trying to run from his past, or get away from the war and have them play the protagonist role. However, love the acting and as always a phenomenal podcast. Keep it up guys!

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