No Time to Die (2021)

Bond, while living peacefully after finishing his service for MI6, is contact by his good friend and CIA operative Felix Leiter. A devastating weapon is missing and Felix needs James’ help to track it down or risk it being used on the world.

JJ once again re-writes the movie. Javier gets serious. Ian has so many questions…and no one has answers.

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2 comments on “No Time to Die (2021)

  1. Ian says:

    Hey guys listened to this episode earlier today and while I agree this might not be the best Bond movie I do think you missed the main theme of the movie. Which is the emotional struggle Bond must go through; his sense of duty over personal attachment. This theme has been a constant over every Daniel Craig Bond movie. M comments on this in Skyfall and Quantam of Solace. Its finally in Spectre where Bond chooses life/love over duty. I get the ending may be over complicated but its the realization by Bond that if he cant have a life with love then he is ready to meet his fate.

    1. JJ Crowder says:

      All very well thought out points. I think you bring up a strong idea that we failed at and was part of our rating whether we knew it or not. That idea being that the Daniel Craig Bond films are the most connected Bond films ever. Most, if not all before the Craig era were connected only by the main character but the Craig era brought the need to see the whole series to keep up with where he was as a character and we definitely failed at keeping up. Thanks Ian as always for listening!!!!

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