Obi-Wan Kenobi: Episode 3 Review

Vader instructs Reva to find Kenobi, promising to promote her to Grand Inquisitor if she succeeds. Kenobi and Leia’s transport lands on the mining planet of Mapuzo, and they proceed to the rendezvous provided by Haja. Finding no one there, they ride on an Imperial transport. They are discovered via probe droids, and Imperial troops are sent to capture them, but they receive help from female Imperial Officer, Tala, who is a member of an underground network that hides dissidents and outlaws hunted by the Empire. She escorts them to a secret subterranean passageway so they can escape. Before they leave, Vader and the Inquisitors arrive and begin to harm innocent bystanders to lure Kenobi. Disturbed by this, Kenobi sends Leia and Tala ahead while he provides a distraction. He is eventually confronted by Vader, who overpowers Kenobi with his Force-choke, and burns him. Tala provides a distraction to save Kenobi, while Leia reaches the end of the tunnel, where she is confronted by Reva.

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