Obi-Wan Kenobi: Episode 5 Review

Tracking Kenobi’s location to Jabiim, Vader promotes Reva to Grand Inquisitor. The Empire arrives to besiege the facility, and deactivates the escape doors. To stall for time, Kenobi negotiates with Reva and deduces that she knows Vader’s true identity as she witnessed his massacre at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant as a Youngling. She reveals she wanted to gain Vader’s favor in order to kill Vader for revenge, rather than serve him. The facility is then breached, with Tala sacrificing herself to save Kenobi. Realizing they cannot win, Kenobi surrenders and is taken to Reva. There, he convinces Reva to kill Vader when she delivers Kenobi to him. Meanwhile, Leia opens the doors after removing Lola’s tracker, allowing the Path to escape before Vader besieges the facility. Reva uses this opportunity to attempt to kill Vader, but is quickly overpowered after a brief duel and stabbed. She is left for dead, and the original Grand Inquisitor arrives and reaffirms his status. As the Path network escapes, Reva finds Bail Organa’s message on Kenobi’s transmitter, revealing Luke’s location on Tatooine.

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