Project Power (2020)

A group of drug dealers is given a supply of a mysterious drug for free and told to sell it throughout the city of New Orleans and keep the profits. Amongst those dealers is High School student and aspiring Rapper Robin. Saving the money she makes from selling Power for a surgery that her diabetic mother needs, she finds herself entangled with a former soldier Art who is tracking the source of the drug in order to find his kidnapped daughter. Robin joins forces with Art and her police detective customer Frank to rescue Art’s daughter Tracy and take down the operation behind the creation of power.

Javier NEEDS to know more about a pistol shrimp. Mattson explains how this movie reminds him of another movie who did it better. JJ just wants some Church’s Chicken.

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1 comment on “Project Power (2020)

  1. Alec Burgess says:

    Wow phenomenal episode. I’ve decided you guys need another segment of podcasts where you talk about weird animals in the animal kingdom. Episode 1 the pistol shrimp hahaa. For me this movie was a phenomenal example of what happens when you don’t have a story or a plan. It reminds me of the projects I used to turn in in high school where I procrastinated until the last second, didn’t know what I was going to do so I ended up stealing the best parts from other projects and throwing it all in the same project. This felt like that where there was no real plan and the guys in charge forgot about their deadline so they lit up a blunt, brainstormed for an hour and then combined all their brainstorm ideas into one movie. This content is great keep it coming!

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