Raya and the Last Dragon (2021)

The Druun are turning everyone in the lands of Kumandra to stone. The mystic dragons do all they can to stop these relentless enemies, but are turned to stone as well. The final dragon, Sisu, creates a magical sphere banishing the Druun. However, when the dragons are gone the people of Kumandra begin to fight over which nation should posess the magical sphere that Sisu created. The nation of Heart are the protectors of the sphere and the chief of the Heart nation believes Kumandra can come together again and invites the other four nations to come together at Heart. Fang nation uses the opprotunity to try and steal the sphere breaking it instead and releasing the Druun once again. Raya then sets off to find the last dragon and save Kumandra.

JJ gets on his soap box and praises the message of this movie. Mattson actually wishes the movies was a little longer. Ian misses the typical Disney animated humor.

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1 comment on “Raya and the Last Dragon (2021)

  1. Alec Burgess says:

    So I thought this was a pretty great movie until after I watched it and saw the same articles that JJ did. I did not get the flirting vibe between Namaari and Raya outside of spine. What I saw, was Raya being a smart mouth while fighting just like she did with her dad at the beginning of the movie. The whole “you’re gonna need that sword” followed by “not today” that was a part of her personality and how she was trained to fight, so I didn’t see the flirting, I could be wrong of course but what I saw was Raya channeling her father in her fighting style.

    I also was 100% in the “don’t trust fang” club. I got the lesson of trust but shoot how many chances do you give someone. Fang made a play for the gem and quite honestly Fang was the reason the gem broke. All the other original leaders died and their gem was passed on, except for Fang who seemed to be the only land that prospered after they broke the world. Then Namaari turned on Sisu when literally she could’ve been one to save the world and then tried to share the blame with Raya. The only time Namaari does the right thing in this ENTIRE movie was when she literally was out of options and just kind of decided that if the magic is going out I’ll give it a shot type of deal so that made me a little mad but I definitely think it was a pretty good movie if you just throw it on to watch while doing something else

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