Rebecca (2020)

The movie Rebecca follows a young woman as she meets a charming and handsome widower, Mr. De Winter. The two fall in love after meeting in Monte Carlo and are married soon afterward. As the couple returns home to the famous Manderley mansion, constant reminders of her husband’s deceased wife Rebecca begin to plague the new Mrs. De Winter. While Rebecca may be gone, something is holding her presence at Manderley and Mrs. De Winter is pulling on the string.

JJ and Javier get into a moral debate. Mattson wants more backstory. Ian plays referee.

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1 comment on “Rebecca (2020)

  1. Alec Burgess says:

    Oh man! Mattson coming in hot with a Bill and Ted reference hahahahaa. Beautiful. Man I loved this movie, it was slow but I still enjoyed it. I can attest that Javier’s sisters are entirely capable of murder but the only person who needs to worry about that fact is Javier. While his murder probably wouldn’t be justified I think everyone would be understanding of his sister’s motives. I didn’t feel like the murder was too much of a stretch honestly. What sells it for me is you have an English noble with only his nobility to separate him from others. In the past nobles were more important in society but as the times are changing only his noble status separates him from everyone else so for me he is already a bit unhinged and is going to cling to that title and that house no matter what. I could be mistaken but to his paranoid mind she is using this child as a way to push him out of his ancestral home because if everyone thinks the baby is his and he dies the house passes to “his” child who isn’t of his noble lineage. Given the time this movie takes place and the history of English nobility doing crazy stuff it doesn’t feel like a stretch at all to me. Love the podcast guys!!! Keep it up!

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