Soul (2020)

Joe Gardner has known his life’s purpose since the day his father took him to a jazz club. Joe was made to play the piano. Fast forward to today, and Joe is teaching middle school band waiting for the gig that gives him his big break. When the pianist from a popular jazz bad skips town, Joe finally gets his shot! This may just be the best day of Joe’s life, but unfortunately, it might also be his last.

JJ questions Javier’s qualifications for being on a movie review podcast. Javier discusses how he wanted this movie to go even further down the life lessons. Mattson talks about perspectives on life and purpose. Ian praises the range of this movie’s reach.

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1 comment on “Soul (2020)

  1. Alec Burgess says:

    Hahaa that outro poor Javier haha. Oh man soul was such a pleasant surprise. I was hesitant going in because I’m not fond of jazz music and I definitely thought that was going to be a focal point of the movie. I enjoyed it a lot more since jazz was present but not over bearing. Two things so I loved Terry but what I didn’t know until my second watch through was that Terry is voiced by Rachel House who does the voice for Moana’s grandmother. That really amped up the character for me which was cool. I also thought it was a nice addition having Joe be a mentor because all the mentors or the souls selected to be mentors are all world class citizens right? The guys and gals who have done great big things on earth and every single one failed with 22. Didn’t matter their own personal greatness they could not adapt to 22. Except for joe, who by conventional standards didn’t accomplish anything, but he’s a teacher at heart and he is able to connect with 22 in a way that the great souls couldn’t. That really stuck with me because it spells out that you don’t have to be great to do great things and I rather enjoyed that. Keep up the good work boys!!

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