Spiderman No Way Home (2021)

Things are a lot more complicated for Peter Parker now that everyone knows his secret identity, oh and there is the part about people claiming he is a murderer. Best plan to solve the problem…? Ask Dr. Strange to use a spell to make everyone forget who Peter is. What could go wrong?

JJ dives deep on all things MCU. Ian caves to peer pressure. Mattson raves and has questions.

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1 comment on “Spiderman No Way Home (2021)

  1. Alec Burgess says:

    I really enjoyed this movie. Andrew Garfield saw his chance and he really wants the Amazing Spider-Man 3 haha. I think this is a great example of using nostalgia. Ian mentioned that Ghostbusters did it really well and I think Spider-Man also did a phenomenal job with the nostalgia. Bringing in both Tobey and Andrew but not having them overshadow Tom. Definitely one of the best movies this year. Can’t wait for the Matrix next week!!

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