Swing Vote (2008)

Bud and his little girl Molly live in the small remote town of Texico, New Mexico and it’s election time. Molly does a lot for her dad, she even registered him to vote. But when election day comes and Bud decides to get drunk instead of meeting his daughter at the polling station, Molly decides to sneak in and vote for her dad. In a fluke moment, Molly isn’t able to finish voting and rushes out with the vote not being counted. In a wild turn of events, the election comes down to the swing state New Mexico, and the 5 electoral votes hinge on the single uncounted vote of Bud Johnson.

Javier is triggered by the candidates commercials. JJ is shocked by what doesn’t shock us anymore. Ian questions what would happen to Bud in 2020.

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1 comment on “Swing Vote (2008)

  1. Alec Burgess says:

    This was actually the first time I watched this movie. It was always there but there was always something “better” on so I just never got around to watching it. So glad that you guys recorded this episode because that was funny! Kevin Costner to me has always been enjoyable to watch for me. This however didn’t seem to fit the Costner mould and yet he delivered in an incredible way. Definitely makes me want to explore other titles he is in to see if I’ve glossed over more incredible performances for something I thought wouldn’t be great. Thanks for the awesome content!

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