The Dark Knight (2008)

A new villain has joined the ranks of Gotham and is working to bring with him a “better class of criminal”. The Joker is an agent of chaos hell bent on blackening the soul of Gotham City with fear. He begins by killing a judge, police commisioner and attempting to kill district attorney Harvey Dent. Batman sees Harvey as the hero that will not only save Gotham but allow him to step away as Batman. Will The Joker succeed at bringing down Gotham’s White Knight or will its Dark Knight save the day?

JJ gushes and gushes and gushes a little bit more about Heath Ledger. Javier asks the tough questions. Mattson discusses the commitment it takes to love this movie.

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1 comment on “The Dark Knight (2008)

  1. Alec Burgess says:

    I’m glad you guys did this movie. So little side bar, first time I saw this movie was actually with Javier and if I remember correctly we thought we were in the wrong theater when the movie started because it was just so unexpected of a start to a comic hero movie. So little fun story there, but man this movie is so good, before I watched this I actually saw something about it on Facebook, like one of those “15 secrets you never knew about the Dark Knight” things, and one of them that actually was school to me is that During the interrogation scene, joker looks at Gordon’s watch so he knows exactly how much time he has before the bombs go off and he knows how much time he has to kill so Batman has to choose who to save. Pretty good for a guy who supposedly doesn’t have a plan. The other thing that really hits home is the fact that Heath Ledger scared Michael Caine. Caine is a war veteran, active duty in England’s military, so this guy has seen some stuff in his day and the fact that Heath Ledger as the joker scared him is pretty telling for just how intense that character was. As always keep up the great content boys!! Loving the movie choices

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