The Devil All the Time (2020)

The Devil all the Time follows a number of characters through chance meetings and encounters that lead to the tragedy. Willard and his son Arvin are at the center of this story that takes all of its characters down and violent road. When a new preacher in town drives Arvin’s adopted sister to her death, he decides to take matters into his own hands. With his father’s luger and lessons about violence, Arvin sets off to bring justice to a world of wrongs.

JJ dives deep and heaps the praise. Javier talks the spectrum of emotions that this movie causes. Ian has a hard time digesting this movie. Guest host Alec brings some deep insight to the discussion.

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2 comments on “The Devil All the Time (2020)

  1. Alec Burgess says:

    Oh man! Episode hype! This was so much fun to do. I’m still living on that what’s our verdict high almost a week after recording. I’d like to apologize to all your listeners, I did not realize I sounded like a bridge troll when recording hahaa. Absolutely cannot wait for next weeks episode! Keep it up guys!

    1. JJ Crowder says:

      We really appreciate you being on the episode Alec. Great fun! No worries about the audio it was just fine. Your content more then made up for it haha

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