The King’s Man (2021)

The Duke of Oxford, and his son Conrad, find themselves working together to fight a shadow organization that has taken steps to ensure World War I brings the collapse of England. But with the Duke’s pledge to pacifism and Conrad’s desire to be a patriot putting them at odds, will they be able to succeed before England is destroyed?

JJ goes full on rage mode…and then calms down a bit. Mattson didn’t find what he was looking for. Javier fights for the other side and has a good time.

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1 comment on “The King’s Man (2021)

  1. Alec Burgess says:

    Father forgive me for I have sinned but I am in Javier’s camp for this one. I really enjoyed this movie, aside from all the violence. I love history and having the bad guy in charge of a shadow group of advisors steering the monarchs to war is pretty much how I think all wars have gone down. Use the monarchs as puppets and get rich off of the war so I loved that. For Mattson, I don’t think the leg was healed from Rasputin licking it but I’m pretty sure they were trying to illustrate that Rasputin was healing it through his throat singing and vibrations. Vibration healing or just vibrations in general are really cool so I think that is what they were illustrating because Rasputin was less a monk and more a mystic. I also didn’t mind the origin story because to me I feel like most legendary people or organizations have humble beginnings. 100 years down the road the Kingsman have all this mystery around them but when they were founded it was just because that was a code the founders son used. So I really enjoyed that as well. Loved the episode as always keep it up!!

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