The Mandalorian 201 “The Marshal”

Picking up immediately after the events of season 1, The Mandalorian is searching the galaxy for other Mandalorians to help him in his quest to return The Child to his own kind. His search leads him back to the planet of Tatooine to the remote outpost of Mos Pelgo. There he finds the town “Marshal” Cobb Vanth in possession of Boba Fett’s Mandalorian Armor. In order to acquire the armor, The Mandalorian agrees to assist Vanth in killing a Krayt Dragon that has been terrorizing Mos Pelgo. With the help of the local Tusken Raiders they defeat the Krayt and The Mandalorian rides away with the armor as a mysterious scarred warrior watches on.

JJ’s nerd is showing. Mattson wants more of the meat of the main storyline. Ian has questions about the Fetts. Jay brings his new to Star Wars excitement to the table. The whole crew answers listener questions.

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1 comment on “The Mandalorian 201 “The Marshal”

  1. Alec Burgess says:

    Oh man such a great podcast episode. I agree with Mattson, I’m ready to get more story. The “side quests” are fun and everything but they feel unnecessary. It does make me wonder if Disney is going off script from their original plan to try and keep everyone interested while still spinning this out to be much longer than originally planned to hopefully recoup some of their lost revenue from everything that’s happened this year.

    Man I love Star Wars though, what made me chuckle is Mr. purist JJ picked up on the Krayt dragon and numerical order Jay saw the podracer. Really shows just how much Star Wars can affect you differently depending on how you are exposed to it. Love this series keep it up!!

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