The Tomorrow War (2021)

When a group of soldiers arrived 30 years from the future to deliver a message of a war humanity is losing, the countries of the world unite in the first world-wide draft. These conscripts serve a tour of 7 days in this future war against an alien enemy known as the Whitespikes. If they live, their service commitment is fulfilled and they are sent back to the present to live what remains of their lives.

JJ wants a darker more depressing version of this movie with some consequences. Javier wonders if the right people are being drafted. Ian wants to know why they are fighting the war this way.

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2 comments on “The Tomorrow War (2021)

  1. Alec Burgess says:

    Oh boy, not gonna lie I really liked this movie. I do think a golden opportunity was missed though. You don’t need Chris Pratt in this movie, you need the what’s our verdict podcast crew in this movie. Javier ends up 30 years in the future because he saw a sign that said “free guns” and didn’t bother to read the fine print, because of this he misses a recording session for the pod. The rest of the crew has to follow him into the future, except Mattson had this thing that he had already planned and won’t be able to make it so just Ian and JJ go to the future to get Javier back. Once in the future they realize that Javier has become king of the aliens. Turns out he is their long lost cousin and heir to the throne. At the end of the movie JJ has to kill Javier in a very old yeller-esque way and he returns to the present upset at killing Javier, then during the very next movie they watch together JJ realizes he made the right decision in killing Javier since he just will not stop talking and then roll the credits. Haha keep up the great work guys!!!

    1. JJ Crowder says:


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