Without Remorse

Navy SEAL, John Kelly, is finally home safe with his family. His peace doesn’t last long as SEALs involved in a Syrian operation are being murdered back home in the states. When they come for John, his wife and unborn daughter are killed. Now John’s only focus is revenge for the death of his family, and he will uncover a conspiracy as he completes that goal.

JJ was so disappointed he couldn’t even get the title correct in his intro. Mattson doesn’t even know what to say. Javier and Ian get lost in some geography

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1 comment on “Without Remorse

  1. Alec Burgess says:

    I smell a spin-off podcast series all about Javier’s conspiracy theories. Haha. I would personally wager that this movie is probably closer to the truth with people starting wars to achieve a unification goal or a control aspect so that doesn’t seem too far fetched to me, I didn’t necessarily enjoy this movie but it wasn’t a terrible movie. I’m looking forward to the wrath of man and hoping we get to see Jason Statham kick some ass!! Keep up the great content boys!

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