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Episode 304

Published on:

1st Apr, 2024

Episode 303

Published on:

25th Mar, 2024

Episode 302

Published on:

18th Mar, 2024

Episode 301

Published on:

11th Mar, 2024

Episode 300

Published on:

4th Mar, 2024

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About the Podcast

What's Our Verdict Reviews
Cinematic Judge and Jury
Out of the ashes of the internet a podcast was formed. Four friends from different backgrounds united to create a pod for the common man. Devoid of the tedium of critically acclaimed podcasts, these brave souls embarked on a holy mission, to bring the light-hearted attitude of discussing movies with friends to the podcasting scene. However, due to unforeseen budget cuts two of their number were lost to the void of the internet. Doomed for eternity to find nothing but cat videos and food challenges. The remaining heroes, JJ and Mattson searched far and wide for a suitable replacement but in the end settled for Alec. These two and a half heroes continue in their mission to bring an enjoyable conversation about movies and tv shows directly to you, our viewers. Join us wherever fine podcasts can be found and chime into the conversation to join our crew of misfits.
Come follow us on social media on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter all @whatsourverdict. You can also email us at hosts@whatsourverdict.com or visit us at our website www.whatsourverdict.com.
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Mattson Heiner

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The Real Ginge everyone! Mattson loves to binge watch the latest tv shows, movies, and deep dive into plot points. Besides trying to be a movie critic he enjoys all things sports and a warm pan of brownies!

Alec Burgess

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A connoisseur of all fine cinema, mediocre cinema, and even poor cinema you may think that Alec would have a better understanding of how movies work, and you'd be wrong. This self-styled man child believes that movies should not only be entertaining, but fun as well. Unburdened by things like reality he plans on continuing to live his best life while thumbing his nose at film critics. Enough of that noise, now let's get it!

JJ Crowder

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JJ, The Man, The Myth, The Legend...ok that's actually only true for the amount of movies and tv shows he has seen and for calling his co-hosts by the wrong names during introductions. But for real, he has seen A LOT of movies and TV.